Bachelor- and Master Theses are supervised by members of the Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy.  The Chairholders have changed over the last decades:

  • 1978-1990: Prof. Dr. Plochmann (incomplete list)
  • 1993-1994: Prof. Dr. Volz (incomplete list)
  • Since 1996: Prof. Dr. Suda

Titel (and sometimes summaries) of the theses can be found here (most of the titels and summaries are in German)

Theses can be borrowed upon request. Note that most of them can also be found in the TUM library Weihenstephan.

Students wanting their Bachelor or Master Theses to be supervised by members of the Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy are required to attend the course “Social Science Methods for Bachelor and Master Theses” in the initial phase of their project. The seminar will be offered twice semester, in German language at the beginning of the term and in English language at the end of the term. The aim of the course is to familiarize students with social science methodology and methods (e.g., how to adequately select theories and methods that fit the research question, and how to carry out qualitative content analysis using text material) to help them carry out their individual research projects.

We draw on the Guidelines "How to survive a master's thesis" by Prof. Gabi Weber-Blaschke when supervising master theses. A copy of these guidelines can be made available upon request.