Research Projects

Current projects of the chair are listed here. Most of the projects are run in German. For more information please follow the links to the German pages or contact the researchers directly.


Past Projects

Projects that have already been completed from 2011 onwards at the Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy (until 2007: Chair of Forest Policy and Forest History) are listed below with a short project description. Some of the projects contain links to further information. The list is ordered by the year of the projects' completion. For projects before 2011 please consult our German pages.


BioEssHealth - Scenarios for biodiversity and ecosystem services considering health

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REDIAFOR: Strengthening the dialogue between the stakeholders involved about the multifunctionality of the forests in the Alpine region

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Forest use for health purposes - Observation and analysis of current developments for the strategic positioning of forest actors

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European forest policy and forestry. From addressee to co-designer of politics

There is no independent forest policy in the European Union (EU). However, Europe can look back on a long tradition of political strategies that are intended to contribute to the implementation of sustainable forest management and influence forest policy decisions in the member countries. While demands on forestry and forestry have increased significantly (climate protection, renewable energies, nature conservation), forestry actors find themselves in a rather confusing and dynamic political field in which regulations are discussed and passed, some of which have an effect up to the management level. Forest administration and forestry are therefore faced with the challenge of following European political processes closely and acting in anticipation.

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KomSilva: Development and use of communication and advisory aids for private and municipal forests to address forest owners and to intensify forestry public relations work

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BASch: Biotope and species protection in protective and mountain forests

Cross-border project in the conflict area of ​​nature conservation, natural hazard management and forestry.

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The therapeutic contribution of forests to rehabilitation clinics in Bavaria

Analysis of the role that forests play for the health of the population and the health system in Bavaria in 2018 and how its health usage could develop in the future. Exploration of existing cooperations between rehabilitation clinics (health sector) and forest owners in Bavaria.

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The myth of the forest - Demands on the forest and forest use using the example of the Ettal monastery forest 1700-2014

Using the example of the forests of the Ettal Benedictine monastery, which was secularized in 1803, the change in demands on the forests in the Bavarian Alps is traced from around 1680 onwards.

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Analysis of forest relevant discourses and development of communication recommendations

This study focused on discourses on nature conservation and forest use. The sensible application of storytelling is one of the recommendations for forest management derived from the project.

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FZus 2020

Development and State of forest associations in Bavaria with special regards to consultation by the B avarian Federal Forest Administration.
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Developement and implementation of participative methods in the fields of communal forests

Reviewing the applicability of large group work methods to capture citizens' attitudes towards their communal forests.
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Recovery of wolf and lynx in the alpine region

A study of the transformations of the farm and hunting systems caused by the return of the large predators.
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Natural hazards in the Alps in the times of climate change

A study of the responses of the natural hazard management systems to the climate change challenges (an application of a path dependence theory).
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Opportunities for sustainable forest management in small fragmented forest areas

Public and private initiatives and programs for cross-company measures in smallest fragmented private forests in areas with weak infrastructure.
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Communication with people inheriting forest land and successors to forest owners

Development of guidelines for heirs.
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Development and assessment of IT instruments for measures for improving infrastructure in forest area with fragmented ownership structures in Bavaria.
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Participation as a communication strategy in the Forest Administration and management

Development and testing of a professional training program for the employees of the local state offices for food, agriculture and forests in Bavaria. 
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INTERREG IV-A project: Protection forests platforms and forums in Tyrol and Bavaria

Application and evaluation of participation processes in mountain and protective forest management.
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Forest extension assistance

Pilot study for the development of the forest extension guidelines for the local state forest service units.
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Flood risk management plans for the implementation of the EU Flood Risk Management Device

Development, implementation and assessment of the participatory planning process.
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Assistance to the Mountain Forest Offensive

Implementation and assessment of the participatory process in the course of the mountain forest protection initiative of the Bavarian state forest service.
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