Dr. phil. Kathrin Böhling

Senior Researcher until April 2020

E-Mail: Kathrin.Boehling@lwf.bayern.de

Landesanstalt für Wald- und Forstwirtschaft

How politics, business and society interact in resource governance and what outcomes are generated is at the center of my research. I look at forestry and the mining sector to advance understanding on these questions.

Currently I am working on forest-related policy-making in the EU. Working with Helena Eisele, the project aims at enhancing the Bavarian forest administration’s capacity to promote its interests and preferences in the EU. It is funded by the Bavarian Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forestry (1/2017 – 4/2020).

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathrin-boehling/



Researcher and Lecturer (PostDoc) at the Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy, Technical University of Munich


Guest researcher at Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies


Researcher at Science Center for Social Research, Berlin (WZB) (Departments: Innovation & Organization, Global Governance)

04/1998 – 04/2000

Researcher at a&o research GmbH Berlin, Institute for work and organizational development (research & consulting)


Doctorate (Dr. phil.) at Institute for Sociology at Technische Universität Berlin/Berlin Technical University


Doctoral candidate within Research programme "Governance of global structures", funded by Volkswagen Stiftung, Hannover


Masters and undergraduate studies of sociology, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (Doctorandus in de Sociologie, Master)