Müncon is a young start-up being active in the energy sector, especially on renewable energy. Contact for further details: Julian Schwierzy M.Sc.

The German Research Foundation (DFG) will awards funding for the interdisciplinary research project “Mission Orientation and Innovation Clusters”. For further information, see project page.

Abstract: Research suggests that public subsidies for newly founded firms have a positive effect on follow-on financing, in particular on Venture Capital (VC), through providing certification and early-stage liquidity. This study shows that the various sources of VC value public…

Abstract: This study investigates the effect of competitive project-funding on researchers' publication outputs. Using detailed information on applicants at the Swiss National Science Foundation  and their proposal evaluations, we employ a case-control design that accounts for…

The OECD Berlin Centre is looking for an intern in the area of Economics Research Assistance starting in August 2021. For detailed information, see  OECD job announcement.

"Weltweit nimmt die Anzahl der WissenschaftlerInnen mit mehreren Affiliationen zu. Dieser Beitrag dokumentiert und diskutiert den Trend für Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz und zeigt, wie sehr die Wissenschaftssysteme dieser drei Länder miteinander verflochten sind."

written by Cornelia Lawson and Hanna Hottenrott