New paper on "The Value of Research Funding for Knowledge Creation and Dissemination" forthcoming in "Humanities and Social Sciences Communications".

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This study investigates the effect of competitive project-funding on researchers' publication outputs. Using detailed information on applicants at the Swiss National Science Foundation  and their proposal evaluations, we employ a case-control design that accounts for individual heterogeneity of researchers and selection into treatment (e.g. funding). We estimate the impact of grant award on a set of output indicators measuring the creation of new research results (the number of peer-reviewed articles), its relevance (number of citations and relative citation ratios), as well as its accessibility and dissemination as measured by the publication of preprints and by altmetrics. The results show that the funding program facilitates the publication and dissemination of additional research amounting to about one additional article in each of the three years following the funding. The higher citation metrics and altmetrics by funded researchers suggest that impact goes beyond quantity and that funding fosters dissemination and quality.