Center for Energy Markets

The Center for Energy Markets (CEM) at Technical University Munich is dedicated at advancing research on the global energy transition. Energy markets are at the heart of one of the biggest societal challenges of our time - creating a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy provision. CEM brings together economics, finance and engineering approaches to offer applied research contributions to topical real-world energy sector questions.

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The TUM Speakers Series, organized by the TUM Business Club, hosts a Symposium on the topic “Transformation of the Global Energy Markets”, which will take place the 1st of June at 6.15 pm in the Audimax at the Technische Universität München.

Prof. Dr. David Wozabal and Dr. Raimund Kovacevic have been awarded the IIE 2015 Best Paper Award in the fields of "Operations Engineering & Analysis" for their paper "A semiparametric model for electricity spot prices".

"Verband der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft e.V." (VHB) nominated Dr. Nils Löhndorf, Prof. Dr. Stefan Minner and Prof. Dr. David Wozabal for their paper "Optimizing Trading Decisions for Hydro Storage Systems Using Approximate Dual Dynamic Programming" for the VHB Best Paper Award 2015. This…

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Das Center for Energy Markets wird im Wintersemester die Vorlesung "Derivatives II - Applications in Energy Market" anbieten. Weitere Details erhalten Sie hier.

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Das Center for Energy Markets bietet eine neue Masterarbeit.

Das Center for Energy Markets begrüßt Prof. David Wozabal als neuen wissenschaftlichen Leiter. Die wissenschaftliche Leitung besteht damit aus Prof. David Wozabal, Prof. Gunther Friedl und Prof. Christoph Kaserer.