Final Theses & FAQs

Scroll down for our thesis FAQs on the application and writing process.

Open Final Theses

See a list of general topics/ past master theses below.

General Theses Topics

We welcome any energy, energy transition, and energy policy related topics. You can approach us with your own or ideas you want to develop in collaboration with an industry partner. The topics below reflect a list of possible thesis topics.

  • Energy transition and climate change:
    • Energy- and environment-related entrepreneurship
    • Environmental regulation 
    • Smart City
    • Energy transition and the evolution of international trade 
    • Financing of energy transition: strategies for energy companies 
    • ESG impact on investmnent in the energy sector
  • Power markets and energy policy:
    • Auction and game theory applied to energy markets 
    • Energy storage 
    • Modelling of energy prices
    • Stochastic optimization in energy markets
    • Network and infrastructure regulation
    • Power markets and renewable integration
    • Renewable energies
    • Diffusion of digitization technologies in power sector
  • Energy resources (oil, natural gas, LNG, H2): production, supply, and trade: 
    • Modelling of energy prices: How technologic developments affects price correlations
    • Investments and co-investmnents in H2
    • The choice of energy projects portfolio
    • Competition of hydrogen technologies: Green vs. Blue
    • Financing of Energy Transition: Strategies for Energy Companies 
    • Evolution of the LNG Market: data-driven country strategy analysis
    • H2 pricing
  • New developments in automotive industry:
    • Electric mobility
    • How to achieve carbon neutrality
    • Carbon vs. price competition
  • Data analysis and modeling approaches:
    • Data-driven models on energy transition
    • Stochastic optimization in energy markets
    • Modeling energy trade networks (using IEA, IHS, other data)
    • Digitization and its impact on technologies adoption
  • Media's and society's role in communicating climate change:
    • Social and environmental implications of technology, with a focus on electronic waste
    • Corporate social responsibility of lead firms in the electronics commodity chain
    • Modern consumption of technology
    •  International climate politics and policy with a focus on renewable energy solutions.
    • Media and climate change
    • Environmental justice and inequality with a focus on waste issues

Thesis FAQs

Finding a Topic

  • Can I suggest an own topic?
    We on occasion post current topics of bachelor's and master's theses on our webpage but you are also encouraged to approach us with your own ideas, possibly in collaboration with an industry partner.

Application Process

Please refer to this Google Form  for detailed description and use it for the application. 


  • Who will be my supervisor?
    Your thesis examiner will be either Prof. Schwenen or Prof. Ikonnikova possibly in collaboration with one of the doctoral researchers at the CEM for the supervision. 
  • Do I have to write a thesis proposal?
    If you decide to write a thesis on a topic agreed by us, the next step is to write a short thesis proposal (maximum three pages). This proposal should (i) define the research question, (ii) indicate the data and methodology to be used and (iii) discuss the related literature. After this step, your thesis can be registered.
  • How many meetings with the supervisor are necessary?
    One meeting per month is a good rule of thumb. Please always send your questions prior to the meeting.
  • Can I get feedback on my thesis before handing in?
    If you have specific questions, you can get feedback on these. General feedback is not possible, as this would be equivalent to reading the whole thesis upfront.


  • How do I register my thesis?
    As soon as you and your supervisor agreed on a topic, you need to fill out the required form, sign it and send it to your supervisor. TUM SoM form; For students of other departments please check the form with your respective department.
  • Can I still change the title afterwards?
    Changing the title is possible. Contact your supervisor to that end at least 1 month before handing in.

Writing Process

  • What is the quantitative scope of my thesis?
    As a rule of thumb, bachelor's theses should have about 25 to 35 pages and master's theses about 50 to 60 pages.
  • What are the main evaluation criteria?
    Coherent literature review, language, execution of the topic, reaction to difficulties (esp. redefining the scope of the thesis during the process). A thesis has to adhere to scientific standards. It is your duty to familiarize yourself with those standards.
  • Should I write the thesis in Word or Latex?
    If not stated otherwise by your supervisor this is up to you.
  • How does the thesis have to be formatted?
    Make sure that your thesis is appropriately and consistently formatted. As an orientiation we provide exemplary Word and Latex templates.
    Appropriate fonts are for example Times New Roman pt. 12 or Arial pt. 11.
    Appropriate page margins can for example be 3cm left, 3cm right, 2.5cm top, 1.5cm bottom.
    To be sure, check your formatting with your supervisor.
  • How do I cite properly?
    If not stated otherwise by your supervisor, citation-style is APA.
  • How do I proceed with own graphics?
    State that it is your own graphic in the caption. If it is your own design but based on a graphic from a book/ paper, please add: “based on source”.


For further questions, please contact

Disclaimer: Please note that only those examination regulations that can be found on the website of the TUM business faculty are legally binding.