Seminar on Energy and Environmental Economics Munich (SEEM)


The Seminar on Energy and Environmental Economics Munich (SEEM) is jointly hosted by the ifo Institute Munich and TUM School of Management, Center for Energy Markets. SEEM offers a forum to discuss current topics in the economics of energy, the environment, and climate. Within these fields, SEEM covers a broad array of perspectives and as such hosts both theoretical and empirical work. SEEM seminars takes place on a monthly base, alternating between ifo Munich and TUM School of Management. The seminar is open to faculty, students, and guests. To stay informed on upcoming seminars, please contact us at

Winter semester 2023/2024

Date/Time Name Institution Title Location

October 17, 2023,

Frank Venmans London School of Economics Optimal climate policy as if the transition matters ifo Institut

November 23,



Christa Brunnschweiler

University of East Anglia Power to learn: Reliable electricity and education in India TUM School of Management, Room 3539​​​​​​​

December 05, 2023,

Martin Quaas Universität Leipzig TBA ifo Institut

January 16, 2024,

Katheline Schubert Paris School of Economics TBA ifo Institut
February 6, 2024,
Gregor Zöttl Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg TBA TUM School of Management, Room 3539

Summer semester 2023

Date/Time Name Institution Title Location

June 5, 2023,

Marie-Louise Arlt

LMU Munich The role of public investment in establishing a public electric vehicle charging grid ifo Institute

June 15, 2023,

Grischa Perino University of Hamburg Revealed preferences for mitigation policies, public expert assessments and strategic voting TUM School of Management, Room 0514

July 13, 2023,

Armon Rezai WU Vienna

Optimal carbon taxation and income distribution: Trading off emissions, equity, and efficiency

ifo Institute

Winter semester 2022/2023

Date/Time Name Institution Title Location

December 1, 2022,

Matthieu Glachant

Mines ParisTech Do Carbon Offsets off-set Carbon? TUM, Room 3539

January 12, 2023,

Bjarne Steffen ETH Effective policy interventions to decarbonize the global road freight sector TUM, Room Z534

February 9, 2023,

Kathrine von Grävenitz ZEW Mannheim Do Manufacturing Plants Respond to Exogenous Changes in Electricity Prices? Ifo, Ludwig-Erhard hall, Poschingerstr. 5

Summer semester 2019


April 25, 2019,

Bert Willems
Tilburg UniversityMulti-Product Supply Function EquilibriaTUM, Room 3539

May 23, 2019,

Matti LiskiAalto UniversityDynamic Pricing of Electricity: Money on the Table?Ifo, Ludwig-Erhard hall, Poschingerstr. 5

June 13, 2019,

Stefan Ambec
Toulouse School of EconomicsThe Informational Value of Environmental TaxesIfo, Ludwig-Erhard hall, Poschingerstr. 5
July 23, 2019,
Erik Verhoef
Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamUsing Tradable Permits to Manage Urban Traffic CongestionIfo, Ludwig-Erhard hall, Poschingerstr. 5

Winter semester 2018/2019


October 9, 2018,

Conny Olovsson
Sveriges RiksbankIntegrated Assessment in a Multi-region World with Multiple Energy Sources and Endogenous Technical ChangeIfo, Ludwig-Erhard hall, Poschinger Straße 5

November 13, 2018,

Anette Boom
Copenhagen Business SchoolVertical Structure and the Risk of Rent Extraction in the Electricity IndustryTUM, Room Z538

December 4, 2018,

Wolfgang Utschick
TUMLandscape-Preserving Capacity Expansion: A Hybrid Architecture Inspired by the Optimal Power FlowTUM, Room Z534
January 8, 2019,
Katrin Rehdanz
University of KielHow Consumers Trade Off Supply Security and Green Electricity: Evidence from Germany and Great BritainIfo, Ludwig-Erhard hall, Poschinger Straße 5
February 12, 2019, 11:00Bård HarstadUniversity of OsloPledge-and-Review BargainingIfo, Ludwig-Erhard hall, Poschinger Straße 5

Summer semester 2018


April 10, 2018,

Michele Polo
Bocconi UniversityOpening the Retail Electricity Markets: Puzzles, Drawbacks and Policy Options TUM, Room Z532

May 8, 2018,

Christoph Weber
University of Duisburg-EssenEfficient Storage Operation and Investments – Analytics of the Electricity MarketTUM, Room Z538

June 12, 2018,

Ralph Winkler
University of BernStrategic Delegation in the Formation of International Environmental AgreementsIfo, Ludwig-Erhard hall, Poschinger Straße 5
July 12, 2018,
Simon Dietz
London School of EconomicsCumulative Carbon Emissions and Economic Policy: in Search of General PrinciplesIfo, Ludwig-Erhard hall, Poschinger Straße 5

Winter semester 2017/2018


October 26, 2017,

Beat HintermannUniversity of BaselHome Bias in International Emissions Trading: Evidence from the EU ETSIfo, Ludwig-Erhard hall, Poschinger Straße 5

November 30, 2017,

Alexander ZerrahnDIW BerlinEconomics of Energy Storage TUM, Room 3539

December 19, 2017,

Timo GoeschlHeidelberg UniversitySelf-Certified Energy Efficiency: The Imperfections of Supply-Side Labeling of Consumer DurablesIfo, Ludwig-Erhard hall, Poschinger Straße 5
January 11, 2018,
Richard GreenImperial College LondonAn Electricity Market with Zero (Marginal) CostsTUM, Room 3539
February 20, 2018, 11:00Andreas LangeUniversity of HamburgThe Risks that Farmers take: an Experiment on Externalities with Individual Thresholds Inspired by Fertilizer UseIfo, Ludwig-Erhard hall, Poschinger Straße 5

Summer semester 2017


April 25, 2017,

Anne NeumannDIW Berlin & University of PotsdamThe Nexus of CO2 Emissions, Energy Consumption, Economic Growth, and Trade-Openness in WTO CountriesIfo, Ludwig-Erhard hall, Poschinger Straße 5

June 1, 2017,

Stefan ReichelsteinStanford GSBRelating Long-Run Marginal Cost to Product Prices: Evidence from Solar Photovoltaic ModulesTUM, Room 3539

June 22, 2017,

Veronika GrimmFAU Erlangen-NürnbergSystem-Optimal Expansion of Renewables in Germany: A Model-Based Analysis of Regionally Differentiated TariffsTUM, Room 3539
July 13, 2017,
Robert RitzCambridge UniversityCarbon Pricing and Firm Profits: Theory and Estimates for US AirlinesTUM, Room 3539

Winter semester 2016/2017


October 20, 2016,

Christian Traeger Ifo Institute & University of Oslo Smart CapIfo, Ludwig Erhard hall, Poschinger Straße 5
November 22, 2016,
Christian von HirschhausenTU BerlinNuclear Power in the 21st Century – An Assessment and Some Research IdeasTUM, Room 0514
December 13, 2016,
Rolf GolombekFrisch Centre in OsloInnovation Prizes for Environmental R&DIfo, Ludwig Erhard hall, Poschinger Straße 5
January 19, 2017,
Ulrich WagnerUniversity of Mannheim Air Quality and Labor Supply: Evidence from Social Security Data TUM, Room Z536
February 9, 2017, 11:00Andreas LöschelUniversity of MünsterVoluntary Contributions to Protect the Climate - Evidence from GermanyIfo, Ludwig Erhard hall, Poschinger Straße 5