PuR Chair delegation completes a fact-finding mission for research collaboration in Vietnam (24.5–2.6)

A delegation of researchers traveled to Vietnam during the last week of May to establish first contacts with local institutions in the context of a fact-finding mission focused on collaborations in research and capacity building. The party, led by Pietro Sala, met with several universities and research institutes in both Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi. During the visit, PuR delegates also had the chance to visit local farming cooperatives, as well as a high-tech agricultural park, which supports the development of more efficient and sustainable agricultural practices.

The outcome of the mission exceeded expectations. The delegation was able to establish several very promising contacts, with the identification of fundamental synergies and a very clear preliminary research agenda. Additionally, all Vietnamese partners expressed their availability and interest for the collaboration. Next, PuR will follow up with the interested parties to further develop the details of the collaboration and translate them into a practical action plan.

Why Vietnam:

Vietnam is located on the eastern portion on Southeast Asia, and it is a relevant global producer of rubber, coffee, rice, pepper, shrimps, and several fruit crops. Due to its position, the country is particularly exposed to the environmental impacts of climate change, which could have serious socio-economic repercussions on the country. It is therefore necessary to strengthen the local capacities in term of mitigation and adaptation to such changes, as well as to develop disaster risk reduction plans, from a scientific perspective. PuR, through its strong expertise in the field, could support local authorities facing such challenging endeavors.

We wish to thank all colleagues for the warm welcome received, as well as for the very interesting and productive discussions that were held during the visit. In particular, the Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City – Faculty of Environmental Management, UEH University, Vietnam National University – University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University of Agriculture – Faculty of Economics and Rural Development, the representatives for Water and Energy for Food, those for Vietnam Higher Education Network of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and the Institute for Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development.