Research at the Chair of Production and Resource Economics focuses on the following areas:

  • the productivity and efficiency of farming operations both at farm and sectoral level,
  • factors for technology adoption and diffusion,
  • implications of various forms of risk for farm management and development,
  • effects of food supply chain developments on farms’ operations,
  • challenges and opportunities from biotechnological innovations,
  • bioeconomic modelling and the analysis of sustainable resource uses,
  • implications of climate change for agricultural production and resource use,
  • agri-environmental behaviour and schemes,
  • food security in developing areas,
  • the contribution of farming to rural development.

Both conventional and organic forms of agricultural production are considered whereas the concept of sustainability plays a prominent role. Research at the chair is not limited to specific sectors or regions, however, the analysis of farming operations in Europe is a strong component of the research portfolio. Two major pillars guide the chair’s empirical research work: Sound conceptual framing based on microeconomic theories and a mainly quantitative focus with respect to methodology using state-of-the-art tools (statistical, econometric, programming approaches).