The Governance in International Agribusiness group conducts experimental economics and behavioural research with focus on agro-food value chains and the whole food system. That means we investigate how farmers, producer groups, input providers, food processors, food distributors, consumers, policymakers and society operate, interact and influence each other to determine:

  • Affordability, healthiness and sustainability of food
  • Climate effects of food
  • Biodiversity levels
  • Fairness in food value chains.

Our ongoing projects focus on lock-ins and levers for facilitating a transitions toward more sustainable food systems; food labels (origin-based labels, animal welfare labels); food quality standards; formal and informal contractual relationships; unfair business practices; smallholder farmers’ financial inclusion; smallholder farmers’ participation in high-value agro-food markets. Furthermore, we investigate governance, structures, and mechanisms that foster a transition toward more sustainable food systems following a system or holistic approach that is conducive to sound policy recommendations.

We conduct theoretical, and qualitative and quantitative empirical research. Theoretical modelling (microeconomic, international trade and game theory) helps us understand the drivers of decision-making. Behavioural experiments, observational studies, surveys and expert interviews help us test those theoretical models to gain a practical understanding of their managerial and policy-making relevance. 

Do you want to work with us?

  • Exceptionally motivated candidates with a proven interest in aspects related to the governance, efficiency, welfare distribution, and sustainability of agro-food value chains are invited to send an application directly to Prof. Menapace
  • Post-docs are invited to consider TUM University Foundation Fellowship.

Academic Training Program

Consider this opportunity if you are looking for a PhD scholarship under the supervision of Prof. Menapace: