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Publication in Food Policy

Russo, Carlo; Di Marcantonio, Federica; Cacchiarelli, Luca; Menapace, Luisa; Sorrentino, Alessandro (2023)  "Unfair trading practices and countervailing power" Food Policy 119 (2023) 10252

Publication in World Development

Ola, Oreoluwa and Menapace, Luisa (2020) “A meta-analysis understanding smallholder entry into high-value markets” in World Development (forthcoming).

Publication in Agricultural Economics

Glebe, Thilo W.. 2021. “The influence of contract length on the performance of sequential conservation auctions.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 1-26.

Ola, Oreoluwa and Menapace, Luisa (2020) “Revisiting constraints to smallholder participation in high-value markets: a best-worst scaling approach” in Agricultural Economics.

Publication in Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Menapace, Luisa and Raffaelli, Roberta (2020) “Unraveling hypothetical bias in discrete choice experiments”. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 176:416-430.

Horizon 2020 project "BATModel"

The overall goal of BATModel (Better Agri-food Trade Modelling for policy ANalysis) is to improve existing trade modelling tools and approaches with a focus on agriculture and food to support policy analysis. Our group focuses on the analysis of international trade effects related to Geographical Indications (GIs). This is a four-year project funded by the Horizon 2020 project of the European Union.

Publication in "Food Quality and Preferences"

Danner, H., Menapace, L. (2020): Using Online Comments to Explore Consumer Beliefs Regarding Organic Food in German-Speaking Countries and the United States. Food Quality and Preferences, 83.

Project funded by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food

The project Development of an Information System for Geographical Indications focuses on the role of origin-based food labels for the German food crafts sector (e.g., bakers, butchers). The project is funded by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) and is carried out in collaboration with the private sector partner, Agromind (