Behavioral & Empirical Work in Progress (BEWIP Seminar)

Seminar Description

The Behavioral & Empirical Work In Progress (BEWIP) Seminar organized by the Economics & Policy Department of TUM School of Management offers both TUM affiliated and guest researchers the opportunity to present current work-in-progress in the area of behavioral(,) economics as well as empirical research projects.  

The BEWIP Seminar takes place every Tuesday from 12 p.m. (s.t.) to 1 p.m. (for exact dates, see below) and is currently streamed live online (for details see below). You are welcome to have lunch during the seminar. 

In case you want to present at the seminar or if you just want to be informed upfront via email on the upcoming presentations, please send an email to Christoph Gschnaidtner.

Seminar Schedule Summer 2022

Date Speaker Title
26.04.2022 Shreekanth Mahendiran
(University of Lausanne)
Fight or Surrender to Counterfeiters: Litigation as a Response to Trademark Infringement
10.05.2022 Michael Rose
(Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition)
The Long-Term Role Model Effect of Prizes to Female Scientists
17.05.2022 Valentina Stöhr
Climate Protection in Germany: Party Cues in a Multi-party System
24.05.2022 Katharina Paul
(TUM School of Management)
It’s about Time? The Effects of Managing Time-to-Market towards Product Quality
31.05.2022 Felix Hagemeister
(TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology)
COVID-19 and Right-Wing Populism: A Push to the Extreme?
14.06.2022 Gideon Nave
A Taxonomy of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
21.06.2022 Mei Ding-Hirschfeld
(TUM School of Management)
Personality and Investment Styles
28.06.2022 Christian Ziegler
(TUM School of Management / LSO)
A Taxonomy of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
05.07.2022 Chase Foster
(Hochschule für Politik)
Compensation, Austerity, and Populism: Social Spending and Voting in 17 Western European Countries
19.07.2022 Gresa Latifi
(TUM School of Management)
Do VCs Help to Overcome Information Asymmetry due to Cultural Distance in Potential Acquisitions?
26.07.2022 TBD TBD

Previous semesters

For an overview of the presentations held at the BEWIP Seminar in semesters earlier than the summer semester 2020, see the following link to the TUM School of Management's research seminars.

Date Speaker Title
26.10.2021 Abu Siddique
(TUMCS Economics)
Improving Women's Mental Health During a Pandemic
02.11.2021 Philipp Lergetporer
(SOM Economics HN)
Child Care and Maternal Labor Supply - A Field Experiment
09.11.2021 Christoph Ungemach
(SOM Marketing)
16.11.2021 Janina Steinert, Henrike Sternberg, Tim Büthe
How to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines between the Global North and South? Public Preferences in Six European Countries
23.11.2021 Svetlana Ikonnikova
(Center for Energy Markets SOM)
Green Paradox and Green Financing: Friends or Foes?
30.11.2021 Thomas Schaper
Online Repositories, Search Costs and Cumulative Innovation
07.12.2021 Tim Büthe
Who Should Get the Vaccine First? An Empirical Analysis of the Ethics of Prioritization in the Face of Vaccine Shortages
14.12.2021 Felix Hagemeister
The Role of Gender in Fairness Rating and Performance. Evidence from Ultimate Frisbee Tournaments
25.01.2022 Christian Jost
Routing-Aware Assignment of Agents to Customers
01.02.2022 David Angenendt
The Impact of COVID-19 on Industry Interactions with Universities: The Case of the UK

Date Speaker Title
01.06.2021 Dennis Byrski, Fabian Gaessler, and Matthew J. Higgins
(MPI Innovation and Competition)
Market Size and Research: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry
08.06.2021 David Angenendt
(TUM Economics & Policy)
Trade Secrets and Exclusive Contracts in the Automotive Industry
15.06.2021 Marius Berger, Johannes Bersch
(ZEW, TUM Economics & Policy)
Outside Equity, Innovative Entrepreneurship and Risky Investments
22.06.2021 Henrike Sternberg, Janina Steinert, and Tim Büthe
(TUM School of Governance)
The Compliance Puzzle in Times of COVID-19: The Role of Threat Perceptions, Public Trust and Social and Economic Preferences
29.06.2021 Felix Pöge
(MPI Innovation and Competition)
Competition and Innovation: The Breakup of IG Farben
06.07.2021 Andreas Pondorfer, Toman Barsbai
(TUM Campus Straubing, University of Bristol)
Animal Spirits: The Natural Geography of Economic Behavior
13.07.2021 Helmut Farbmacher
(TUM Economics & Policy)
Selection Models with Data-Driven Exclusion Restrictions
20.07.2021 Lucy Xiaolu Wang
(MPI Innovation and Competition)
Is Grass Greener in the Gray Zone? Innovation in the Cannabis Market
27.07.2021 Anwesha Mukherjee
(TUM Economics & Policy)
Salience of Economic Well-being and Receptiveness to Identity Politics

Date Speaker Title
03.11.2020 Ali Samei
(TUM Innovation & Entrepreneurship)
Make No Mistakes: Consequences of Performance-related CEO Dismissal for Firm Innovation Outcomes
10.11.2020 Christoph Gschnaidtner
(TUM Economics & Policy)
Bank Runs and CBDC – An experimental analysis
17.11.2020 Markus Nagler
(FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg)
Can Peer Mentoring Improve Online Teaching Effectiveness? An RCT During the Corona Pandemic
24.11.2020 Orestis Kopsacheilis
(TUM School of Management)
The Description-Experience gap in Cooperation
01.12.2020 Manzura Jumaniyazova
(TUM School of Governance)
The Role of Son Preference and Birth Order in Child Development: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan
08.12.2020 Zhaoxin Pu
(TUM Economics & Policy)
Multinational Innovation and China’s Science and Technology Boom
15.12.2020 Christoph Drobner
(TUM Campus Straubing)
Belief Updating and Rationalization of Ego-relevant Information
12.01.2021 Maya Göser
(TUM School of Management)
Scientific Qualification and Productivity in the Life Sciences
19.01.2021 Joachim Henkel
(TUM Innovation & Entrepreneurship)
Tough Bargains: When Cooperation is More Competitive than Competition
26.01.2021 Katharina Paul
(TUM Economics & Policy)
Is Faster Always Better? Time-to-Market in Complex Development Processes in the Automotive Industry
01.02.2021 Abu Siddique
(TUM Campus Straubing)
Forced Displacement and Mental Health: Evidence from the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh
09.02.2021 Janina Steinert
(TUM School of Governance)
Commitment or Concealment? Impacts and Use of a Portable Saving Device: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Urban India
16.02.2021 Kathrin Wernsdorf
(MPI Innovation und Wettbewer)
ICT, Collaboration, and Science-Based Innovation: Evidence from BITNET
02.03.2021 Siddharth Vedula, Florian Elsässer
(TUM (Innovation & Entrepreneurship) & Frankfurt School of Finance (Human & Machine Intelligence))
Life in the Fast Lane: Assessing the Impact of Accelerators on Startup Growth Using a Causal Forest Approach
09.03.2021 Sonja Förster
(TUM Innovation & Entrepreneurship)
Slowly but Safely: On Behavioral Change and Transferability through a Design Thinking Intervention
16.03.2021 Benedikt Schnurr, Christoph Fuchs
(TUM Marketing, Strategy and Leadership)
Public Reaction to Workplace Gender Discrimination
23.03.2021 Bastian Krieger
(ZEW Mannheim & University of Luxembourg)
Does Green Public Procurement Trigger Environmental Innovation?
30.03.2021 Marius Berger
(TUM & ZEW Mannheim)
Funding Early Stage Start-Ups: The Effect of Angel Investor Subsidiy
06.04.2021 Hanna Hottenrott & Gary Chapman
(TUM Economics & Policy & Leicester Castle Business)
Founder Personality and Start-up Subsidies

Unfortunately, the BEWIP seminar had to be canceled in the summer semester 2020 due to the covid 19 pandemic.