Center for Energy Markets

The Center for Energy Markets (CEM) at Technical University Munich is dedicated at advancing research on the global energy transition. Energy markets are at the heart of one of the biggest societal challenges of our time - creating a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy provision. CEM brings together economics, finance and engineering approaches to offer applied research contributions to topical real-world energy sector questions.

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This project study: “Algorithmic commercialization of utility-scale Battery Energy Storage Systems” will be co-supervised by Entrix GmbH. Read more details about the project outline and the research requirements here. Qualified applicants are invited to send their electronic application to…

Thüga is offering a vacancy in energy consulting as a working student with their regulation team. Please refer to the detailed description for more information and the application details. More openings are to be found here.

EWE AG looks for a working student or an intern with at least one year of Python programming experience and having an insight to the German intraday power market. Further details can be found here. 

Polarstern GmbH is searching for a Project Manager and a Project Lead for Mieterstrom and decentralized energy solutions. The detailed description for  Project Manager  position and Project Lead position. Further details can be found here. 

We aggregate data and links in the general field of energy economics, with a focus on modeling energy technology cost developments.

ENERGY4U offers a junior consultant utilities position. Please refer to the detailed description  for more information and the application details.

David Matthäus, Sebastian Schwenen and David Wozabal's paper on "Renewable auctions: Bidding for real options" has now been published by the "European Journal of Operational Research"

There is a new vacant student assistant position at the Center for Energy Markets. For more informations, see the detailed description. We are looking forward to your applications under

THEMA Consulting group is offering a summer internship for master graduates to work in energy sector. Please refer to the detailed description  for more information and the application details.

David Matthäus and Michael Mehling's paper on "De-Risking Renewable Energy Investments in Developing Countries: A Multilateral Guarantee Mechanism" has been accepted by Joule (Cell)