Letter of recommendation

We are happy to support you in your professional and academic endeavors with a letter of recommendation if we had the chance to get to know you better during one of our teaching offers.


  • The application was submitted at least 2 weeks before the desired date of receipt.
  • You passed a lecture/seminar provided by our Chair with a grade of at least 1.7 or you completed your project studies/final thesis at our Chair.
  • Your overall grade average is not worse than 2.0.


Please send us the following information:

  • Brief description of your application, the recipient, and the submission process
  • One-page CV
  • Current grade report retrieved from TUMonline
  • A proposed version of the recommendation letter

Based on this information we will decide whether or not we can support your application and come back to you within one week after receiving your email. Please be aware that we cannot provide all students with a letter of recommendation.