Writing your final thesis at our chair

We offer to supervise final thesis with a strong focus on econometrics, data science or empirical economics. 

1. Requirements

In general, successful participation in Microeconometrics (or Microeconometrics for Big Data) and an advanced seminar, project study or IDP offered by my team or me.

2. Application

Please contact Prof. Farbmacher by e-mail (see contact infoat least four weeks before you intend to begin your thesis. The application should include your current transcript, your time frame and a description of the topic you are interested in.

3. Preliminary Meeting and Supervision

We discuss your area of interest and further details via email. The topic itself will also be issued by email. Approximately four weeks after the issue of the topic we can meet to further specify the research question and/or to agree upon the preliminary outline of the thesis. Please let your supervisor know in case you want to arrange a meeting.

Please note: A plagiarism software scans all academic papers submitted to our chair. For safeguarding good scientific practice, the TUM and our chair recommend to familiarize yourself with the following guidelines: TUM Graduate School FAQ.


For additional details, please refer to the Thesis Guide. You can download it using the link below.