Project Studies / IDPs

Project studies: information for companies

  • Research or practical project carried out by a student team at TUM, under supervision and in collaboration with the Center for Energy Markets
  • Companies define the project scope and provide students with all information required to carry out the project
  • Students can build a team of up to 5 people
  • Project duration either 6 months (half-time) or 3 months (full-time)

Benefits of a project study for a company

  • Benefit from practical results of the project
  • Students are selected and supervised by the Center for Energy Markets
  • Our academic staff supports students with our domain knowledge / experience
  • No fees need to be paid to TUM or otherwise

Project studies: information for students

  • Project studies are proposed by companies throughout the year. We are keeping you up to date with all current offerings on this page.
  • You can apply as a group or individually (in the later case, we will form a group out of single applications)
  • A project study is supported by one of the academic staff members of the Center for Energy Markets
  • Normally, there is at least a kick-off meeting, a mid-term results presentation and a final presentation. 
  • Optionally, students can come in for additional support anytime during our office hours.

Open Project Studies

Application process

To apply: Please send the following information to 

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Current Transcript of Records